Autopix sees a 247% ROI by using Treblle’s end-to-end APIOps platform

“Treblle has played a crucial role in our API transformation by enabling us to quickly understand API usage in real-time.”
Erlend Bakke

Chief Executive Officer at Autopix

Treblle ROI case study by Nucleus Research

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Nucleus Research, a US-based research company, recently completed an independent ROI case study on one of Treblle’s customers - Autopix. They concluded that Treblle offers a 247% ROI within the first six months.

Autopix’s API Transformation

Autopix, a global powerhouse in image editing, has undertaken a transformative journey that has captured the industry's attention. The company's unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency has resulted in a remarkable 247% boost in ROI through strategic APIOps optimization using Treblle. 

This achievement underscores Autopix's position as an industry leader and showcases its ability to harness cutting-edge solutions in the image editing space. In a dynamic business landscape where agility and performance are paramount, Autopix recognized the need to adapt and excel. Through a strategic collaboration with Treblle, Autopix addressed industry challenges head-on while harnessing newfound efficiencies that significantly impacted their bottom line.


Autopix's journey towards enhanced ROI reveals meticulous planning and deliberate execution. The integration of Treblle's API observability platform catalyzed this transformation. Using Treblle's end-to-end APIOps platform, Autopix propelled itself into a league of innovators who mastered the intricacies of modern API ecosystems. The results are nothing short of impressive. 

Over six months post-Treblle integration, Autopix's ROI soared by 247%. Real-world efficiency gains match this success: the company's IT and developer teams experienced 100 hours of annual time savings. The most notable achievement lies in Autopix's reduced downtime events and the ability to react to customer problems in real-time. This seemingly incremental improvement translated into a tangible cost-saving of 70K USD, validating the strategic moves undertaken by the company.

Key Challenges

Autopix faced industry-specific challenges that necessitated strategic innovation. The quest to enhance API efficiency emerged as a pivotal phase in their journey. 

  • ROI Elevation
The company achieved a remarkable 247% ROI improvement within six months of integrating Treblle's API solution.
  • Operational Streamlining
The quantifiable benefits include 100 hours of annual time savings for IT and developer teams, alongside a noteworthy reduction in downtime events.
Industry peers and stakeholders are invited to learn from Autopix's transformative journey. The comprehensive resource offers valuable insights into the practical aspects of API optimization and the resulting ROI enhancement.




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Erlend Bakke, CEO

Adam Finch, COO

Davit Melikadze, CTO

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